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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chandrakanta - Devakinandan Khatri : Download free pdf

Chandrakanta - Part 2

Devakinandan Khatri, Download free hindi novel Chandrakanta pdf
Devakinandan Khatri
Devakinandan Khatri was a great Indian writer. He was born at Samastipur, Bihar in June 18, 1861. He was son of Lala Iswardas . He was the first author of mystery novels in Hindi. He started a printing press called "Lahari" and started a Hindi monthly, "Sudarshan", in 1898. He was living in Musakhand area when he was writing Chandrakanta.He died in August 1,1913.

Chandrakanta is a famous Hindi novel which is written by Devakinandan Khatri. It is published in 1988. It is a great fantasy novel in Hindi literature.The novel is names on the main female character.

The story of Chandrakanta is a romantic fantasy about two lovers who belong to rival kingdoms : the princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh, and the prince Virendra Singh of Naugarh.

Details :-

Name of the book :-  Chandrakanta


Writer:- Devakinandan Khatri

Language :- Hindi

File type :- PDF

File size :- 1 Mb

Download free pdf

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Other Parts of Chandrakanta

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