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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mansik Shakti by Shivanand : Download free hindi book pdf

Mansik Shakti by Shivanand

Download Hindi book Mansik Shakti , written by Sri Shivanand in Hindi pdf

Mankind is alive in this planet from thousand of years. Life,  has been molding, changing for thousands of years. Nothing is constant here, all things are volatile and changing in respect of time.

The human brain is one of the major thing that experienced various aspect of society and changes consciousness accordingly.
In this book you can study how to be stable and be always progressive. Everyday a human brain experiences millions of sensation and thoughts. Due to that a man fells sad, happy, angry, blissful e.t.c. You are separate  entity and you are not just made up of brain. Brain is just a processing unit and you can teach it how to work in a specific way.

You can learn many other concepts of emotion, think, mankind and how to be enlighten.

Download this Hindi book to study more.

Mansik Shakti by shivanand :  Download free hindi book's pdf
Mansik Shakti
Book's Name : Mansik Shakti

Writer :  Sri Shivanand (A great Monk of India)

Book format : pdf

Language : Hindi 

Book size : 3.27 Mb

To download Hindi pdf, Click on the link. Given below -