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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vinay Patrika - Tulsidas

Vinay Patrika - Tulsidas

Vinay Patrika - Tulsidas

Tulsidas was a Hindu Poet and Saint. He was great admirer of Lord Sri Rama. His childhood name was  Rambola . He was also Known as Goswami Tulsidas. His literature is in Awadhi Language. His great work in spiritual and devotional literature are  Ramcharitmanas, Vinaypatrika, Dohavali, Kavitavali, Hanuman Chalisa, Vairagya Sandipani, Janaki Mangal, Parvati Mangal .
Vinaya Patrika (विनयपत्रिका), literally Petition of Humility, is a Braja work consisting of 279 stanzas or hymns. The stanzas form a petition in the court of Rama asking for Bhakti. It is considered to be the second best work of Tulsidas after the Ramcharitmanas, and is regarded as important from the viewpoints of philosophy, erudition, and eulogistic and poetic style of Tulsidas. The first 43 hymns are addressed to various deities and Rama's courtiers and attendants, and remaining are addressed to Rama.

Name of the book :Vinay Patrika

Language : Awadhi

File type : PDF

File size :  1.1 Mb

You can download here free PDF (Hindi)  of this book.